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Tauri Ecosystem Security

Our Tauri organization ecosystem is hosted on GitHub and facilitates several features to make our repositories more resilient against adversaries targeting our source code and releases.

To reduce risk and to comply with commonly adopted best practices we have the following methods in place.

Build Pipelines

The process of releasing our source-code artifacts is highly automated in GitHub build pipelines using GitHub actions, yet mandates kickoff and review from real humans.

Signed Commits

Our core repositores require signed commits to reduce risk of impersonation and to allow identification of attributed commits after detection of possible compromise.

Code Review

All Pull Requests (PRs) merged into our repositories need approval from at least one maintainer of the project, which in most cases is the working group. Code is generally reviewed in PRs and default security workflows and checks are run to ensure the code adheres to common standards.

Release Process

Our working group reviews code changes, tags PRs with scope, and makes sure that everything stays up to date. We strive to internally audit all security relevant PRs before publishing minor and major releases.

And when its time to publish a new version, one of the maintainers tags a new release on dev, which:

  • Validates core
  • Runs tests
  • Audits security for crates and npm
  • Generates changelogs
  • Creates artifacts
  • Creates a draft release

Then the maintainer reviews the release notes, edits if necessary, and a new release is forged.

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