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New Features

  • fafc238f7 (#9977) Add bundle > homepage option, if unset, it will fallback to homepage defined in Cargo.toml.
  • 656a64974 (#9318) Added a configuration option to disable hardened runtime on macOS codesign.
  • 3ab170917 (#9932) Add an option to disable NSIS compression bundle > nsis > compression: "none"
  • f21029b1b (#9994) Add bundle > nsis > startMenuFolder option to customize start menu folder for NSIS installer


  • 61bbd8373 (#10117) Added a public property to the msi to tell the installer to launch the app after installation. This was added for the updater plugin.
  • ea78bf555 (#9915) For NSIS installer, migrate old shortcuts by setting the path only instead of re-creating a new one

Bug Fixes

  • b9e11a8b9 (#10036) Fixed an issue that caused the AppImage to segfault on start due to an incorrect .desktop file.
  • 3fd84cb3c (#10049) Fix encoding of NSIS license page when using a license file without a BOM.
  • de7da04a6 (#9974) Use the productName for rpm package name instead of main binary name, to be consistent with other bundle types.
  • faf282ca6 (#10103) Fix NSIS uninstaller failing to clean up deep links
  • 58821fc0e (#10086) Fix NSIS esitmated size unit being in kB (1000 bytes) not KB (1024 bytes)
  • 6f469534b (#9944) Fix NSIS installer runs the app as admin when using perMachine install mode


  • Upgraded to tauri-utils@2.0.0-beta.18
  • f955f7b49 (#9929) Switch from dirs_next to dirs as dirs_next is now unmaintained while dirs is

Breaking Changes

  • f21029b1b (#9994) Changed NSIS start menu shortcut to be placed directly inside %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs without an additional folder. You can get the old behavior by setting bundle > nsis > startMenuFolder to the same value as your productName
  • 911242f09 (#9883) Move updater target from bundle > targets to a separate field bundle > createUpdaterArtifacts

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