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Announcing the Tauri Mobile Alpha Release

Tauri 2.0 Launch Hero Image

Tauri mobile is here! The first alpha release 2.0.0-alpha.0 has been published.

Updating dependencies

Make sure to update both NPM and Cargo dependencies to the 2.0.0-alpha.0 release. You can update the dependencies with:

npm install @tauri-apps/cli@next @tauri-apps/api@next


You can adapt your existing desktop application to run on mobile or start a fresh project. Tauri runs on the connected device or starts an emulator if available.

iOS Preview Android Preview

Getting started

Read the complete guide on the next documentation website.

Known issues

  • TLS support has been moved behind a Cargo feature until we figure out how to cross compile OpenSSL on Windows.
  • Currently running on a device is not supported when using Xcode 14.

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