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New Features

  • 656a64974 (#9318) Added a configuration option to disable hardened runtime on macOS codesign.


  • f44a2ec47 (#10030) Enhance the plugin template to include permissions/default.toml and default capabilities file for the example application.

Bug Fixes

  • 019a74e97 (#9931) Fix wrong migration of clipboard and globalShortcut modules
  • 27838365a (#10135) Fix parsing of cargo profile when using --profile=<profile> syntax.
  • 79542f4d4 (#10039) Fixed an issue that prevented tauri icon from rendering <text> nodes in SVG files.
  • 40c0f44e1 (#9971) Changed the deployment target of plugin iOS Xcode project to 13.0 so it works on older iOS releases.
  • f56cdc9e3 (#10016) Add missing dependency for rpm package.
  • 1601da5b5 (#10114) Removed alpha channel from default icons in iOS template to comply with Apple’s human interface guideline (, because transparent icons with alpha channel are not allowed, and will be rejected upon upload to Apple appstore.

What’s Changed

  • 3cca5c2be (#9924) Migrate to new Android buildFeatures.buildConfig format.


  • Upgraded to tauri-cli@2.0.0-beta.21
  • f955f7b49 (#9929) Switch from dirs_next to dirs as dirs_next is now unmaintained while dirs is

Breaking Changes

  • 911242f09 (#9883) Move updater target from bundle > targets to a separate field bundle > createUpdaterArtifacts

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