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New Features

  • 148f04887 (#9979) Add defaultWindowIcon to the JS app module to retrieve the default window icon in JS.
  • 5b769948a (#9959) Add include_image macro to help embedding instances of Image struct at compile-time in rust to be used with window, menu or tray icons.
  • ddaabda36 (#9922) Add WebviewWindowBuilder::on_download.


  • cee0bfcd6 (#10092) Make tray:default and menu:default include all tray and menu permissions

Bug Fixes

  • e93ca1df3 (#10138) Fix InvokeBody::deserialize method deserialization for InvokeBody::Raw variant

  • e6e17ad1c (#9954) Add std feature to raw-window-handle crate so that using default-features = false on tauri crate can work

  • f29b78811 (#9862) On Windows, handle resizing undecorated windows natively which improves performance and fixes a couple of annoyances with previous JS implementation:

    • No more cursor flickering when moving the cursor across an edge.
    • Can resize from top even when data-tauri-drag-region element exists there.
    • Upon starting rezing, clicks don’t go through elements behind it so no longer accidental clicks.

What’s Changed

  • 669b9c6b5 (#9621) Set the gtk application to the identifier defined in tauri.conf.json to ensure the app uniqueness.


  • Upgraded to tauri-utils@2.0.0-beta.18
  • Upgraded to tauri-build@2.0.0-beta.18
  • Upgraded to tauri-macros@2.0.0-beta.18
  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime-wry@2.0.0-beta.19
  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime@2.0.0-beta.19
  • f955f7b49 (#9929) Switch from dirs_next to dirs as dirs_next is now unmaintained while dirs is
  • d4c908cfb (#10048) Update windows crate to version 0.57 and webview2-com crate to version 0.31

Breaking Changes

  • 3afe82894 (#10134) Changed WebviewWindow::navigate and Webview::navigate method signature to return a Result

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