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A restriction of the command/endpoint functionality.

It can be of any serde serializable type and is used for allowing or preventing certain actions inside a Tauri command.

The scope is passed to the command and handled/enforced by the command itself.

Object Properties:

  • allow
  • deny


Value[] | null

Data that defines what is allowed by the scope.


Value[] | null

Data that defines what is denied by the scope.



Any of the following:

  • integer formatted as int64 Represents an [i64].
  • number formatted as double Represents a [f64].

A valid ACL number.


Any of the following:

  • null Represents a null JSON value.
  • boolean Represents a [bool].
  • Number Represents a valid ACL [Number].
  • string Represents a [String].
  • Value[] Represents a list of other [Value]s.
  • Represents a map of [String] keys to [Value]s. Allows additional properties: Value

All supported ACL values.

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