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Best Practices

We gathered a number of best practices you should follow during your journey of building awesome applications with Tauri.

Keep Your Application Up-To-Date

When releasing your app into the wild, you are also shipping a bundle that has Tauri in it. Vulnerabilities affecting Tauri may impact the security of your application. By updating Tauri to the latest version, you ensure that critical vulnerabilities are already patched and cannot be exploited in your application. Also be sure to keep your compiler (rustc) and transpilers (nodejs) up to date, because there are often security issues that are resolved.

Evaluate Your Dependencies

While npm and provide many convenient packages, it is your responsibility to choose trustworthy third-party libraries - or rewrite them in Rust. If you do use outdated libraries which are affected by known vulnerabilities or are unmaintained, your application security and good night’s sleep could be in jeopardy.

Use tooling like npm audit and cargo audit to automate this process, and lean on the security community’s important work.

Recent trends in the rust ecosystem like cargo vet or cargo crev can help to further evaluate dependencies and can reduce likelihood of supply chain attacks.

Adopt More Secure Coding Practices

The first line of defense for your application is your own code. Although Tauri can protect you from common web vulnerabilities, such as Cross-Site Scripting based Remote Code Execution, improper configurations can have a security impact. Even if this were not the case, it is highly recommended to adopt secure software development best practices and perform security testing.

Educate Your Users

True security means that unexpected behavior cannot happen. So in a sense, being more secure means having the peace of mind of knowing that ONLY those things that you want to happen can happen. In the real world, though, this is a utopian “dream”. However, by removing as many vectors as possible and building on a solid foundation, your choice of Tauri is a signal to your users that you care about them, their safety, and their devices.

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