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List of Features & Recipes

Tauri comes with extensibility in mind. On this page you’ll find:

AuthenticatorInterface with hardware security keys.
AutostartAutomatically launch your app at system startup.
Barcode ScannerAllows your mobile application to use the camera to scan QR codes, EAN-13 and other types of barcodes.
ClipboardRead and write to the system clipboard.
Command Line Interface (CLI)Parse arguments from the command line interface.
Deep LinkingSet your Tauri application as the default handler for an URL.
DialogNative system dialogs for opening and saving files along with message dialogs.
File SystemAccess the file system.
Global ShortcutRegister global shortcuts.
HTTP ClientAccess the HTTP client written in Rust.
LocalhostUse a localhost server in production apps.
LoggingConfigurable logging.
NotificationsSend native notifications to the user.
OS InformationRead information about the operating system.
Persisted ScopePersist runtime scope changes on the filesystem.
PositionerMove windows to common locations.
ProcessAccess the current process.
ShellAccess the system shell to manage files and URLs using their default application and to spawn child processes.
Single InstanceEnsure a single instance of your tauri app is running.
SQLInterface with SQL databases.
StorePersistent key value storage.
StrongholdEncrypted, secure database.
UpdaterIn-app updates for Tauri applications.
UploadFile uploads through HTTP.
WebsocketOpen a WebSocket connection using a Rust client in JavaScript.
Window StatePersist window sizes and positions.

Github OAuth with LuciaAuthenticate users with a simple JS server
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