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Send native notifications to your user using the notification plugin.

Install the notifications plugin to get started.

Use your project’s package manager to add the dependency:

npm run tauri add notification

Here are a few examples of how to use the notification plugin:

The notification plugin is available in both JavaScript and Rust.

Follow these steps to send a notification:

  1. Check if permission is granted
  2. Request permission if not granted
  3. Send the notification
import {
} from '@tauri-apps/plugin-notification';
// Do you have permission to send a notification?
let permissionGranted = await isPermissionGranted();
// If not we need to request it
if (!permissionGranted) {
const permission = await requestPermission();
permissionGranted = permission === 'granted';
// Once permission has been granted we can send the notification
if (permissionGranted) {
sendNotification({ title: 'Tauri', body: 'Tauri is awesome!' });

Aside from normal sanitization procedures of user input there are currently no known security considerations.

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