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Next.js is a React framework. Learn more about Next.js at This guide is accurate as of Next.js 13.4.19.

  • Use static exports by setting output: 'export'. Tauri doesn’t support server-based solutions.
  • Use internal-ip for mobile compatibility so you can configure assetPrefix. This is required so that the server properly resolves assets.
  • Use out/ as distDir in tauri.conf.json.

  1. Install internal-ip for mobile development:
Terminal window
npm install --save-dev internal-ip
  1. Update Tauri configuration:
"build": {
"beforeDevCommand": "npm run dev",
"beforeBuildCommand": "npm run build",
"devPath": "http://localhost:3000",
"distDir": "../dist"
  1. Update Next.js configuration:
const isProd = process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production';
module.exports = async (phase, { defaultConfig }) => {
let internalHost = null;
// In dev mode we use the internal-ip to serve the assets
if (!isProd) {
const { internalIpV4 } = await import('internal-ip');
internalHost = await internalIpV4();
const nextConfig = {
// Ensure Next.js uses SSG instead of SSR
output: 'export',
// Note: This experimental feature is required to use NextJS Image in SSG mode.
// See for different workarounds.
images: {
unoptimized: true,
// Configure assetPrefix or else the server won't properly resolve your assets.
assetPrefix: isProd ? null : `http://${internalHost}:3000`,
return nextConfig;

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